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season 4

Artists Crystal, Lucinda and Brandon are excited about the opening of their renovated artists' studio in an old church. But their enthusiasm is short-lived when they experience a terrifying phenomenon in the new space. Posing as the artists' nude model, Brandon feels faint and dizzy, while the others are overcome by negative emotion and a frenzy of energy that compels them to draw in sync. In the end, their drawings bear no resemblance to Brandon but, rather, are depictions of a human form in agony.

The OSIR is called to investigate the phenomenon which is first thought to be a form of shared telepathy - possibly some sort of communication transmitted by Brandon. Mia Stone suggests an experiment. Brandon will focus on a specific image, which he will try to transmit to the others. Donner will take part in the drawing class to try and assess the phenomenon first hand. The class begins, Brandon disrobes, and again the artists are overcome with strong negative feelings. While their drawings initially take the shape of the transmitted image, they begin to transform into depictions of a gruesome alien creature. The room becomes cold and the organ lets out a loud wail. Back at the lab, the EMF monitors pick up high-energy signals which, Axon points out, are capable of traveling from as far as deep space.

At Lucinda's urging, Brandon tells them about an incident that took place two years ago, at nearby Gorman's Point. He had seen lights in the sky hovering above the trees, then he blacked out. Fearing that he may have been abducted that night, Brandon and Lucinda wonder if this experience may be somehow related to the incidents in the studio.

Haunted by the horrible images, Brandon goes to the church to see Lucinda who tries to comfort him. When they begin to make love, the haunting begins again - the lights go out, the music blares, and the temperature drops. Overcome with terror, Lucinda hears a menacing voice condemning her to "Burn in hell, heathen." Back at the lab, the monitors blast on - frying the equipment.

Donner rushes to check on Lucinda and Brandon, while Axon checks out the premises. He flicks the lights and heat back on - but the organ pipes are plugged - unable to emit any sound.

Donner and Crystal later meet in the studio to discuss Lucinda and Brandon's experience. Their conversation turns to the horrific drawings. Noting that each image portrays gradations of light and dark, Crystal cites "Chiaroscuro" - an Italian word meaning "light/dark." "As artists, and as people, our purpose is to enter the shadow and let the light emerge," she says. The two women begin to draw, but this time it's a peaceful experience. The organ music now sounds like a well played hymn and, although they have both drawn the same thing this time, the beautiful sketches depict voluminous dark clouds with shafts of light streaming through.

Axon continues to ponder the connection between the sighting at Gorman Point and the events in the church. At the Point, he discovers the foundation of an old house which had been inhabited in the 1800s by Mary Nelson, the spinster organist at Gorman Methodist Church - the church that now houses the art studio. He looks up to see the lights. They hover overhead then travel towards the church.

At the same time, Brandon and Crystal decide to take matters into their own hands - by consulting a spirit board. Crystal wants to make peace with whatever is sharing their space, but Lucinda is fearful of the dangers of tampering in the spirit world. In spite of her resistance, they proceed. Lucinda soon hears a voice uttering, "The work of Satan. Burn in hell," and Crystal's body is taken over by the angry soul of Mary Nelson.

It is said that spirits haunt the places where they were happiest - but why is Mary Nelson torturing the young artists? The OSIR must find a way to transport Mary from the shadow into the light before the three friends are condemned to a life of eternal damnation.